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ABA Camp for Kids and Teens

Adirondack Baptist Camp
Mountain View NY

CAMP 2017


Be a part of camp

Here are some items we will be needing. Additional items will be added as needed.



colored pencils

notebooks - small journaling books (something they will want to keep for years)

Bibles- extra Bibles for kids who do not have one.



basic toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, washcloth

basketballs, frisbees,

board games - checkers, chess, parcheesi, any of the classicscheckers

felt - all colors

elastic (thin elastic for masks 3/8" or smaller)

recycled glass jars (lids are not needed)

stickers- letters, flowers, animals even cartoon characters or bible verse stickers. Just not good job stickers or anything like that.

With a little work and some creative inspiration, these glass jars could become beautiful hanging lanterns.