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Camp Rules

AUTHORITY: Staff and counselors should be listened to and obeyed.

BOUNDARIES: Camp is divided into areas. The driveway is the dividing line. No girls are allowed across the exit driveway and no boys are allowed across the entrance driveway.

CABINS: You should never be in a cabin without a counselor. Cabins must be kept clean and neat at all times. No food or drinks (except water) are allowed inside. Fire extinguishers are located in each cabin and should not be handled except in the case of a fire emergency. You must alternate beds head to toe in your bunks. Furniture and beds should not be rearranged in the cabins. You are not to sleep together in the same bed.

You should not be in, or near cabins of the opposite sex.

DRESS CODE: Camp dress code means dress for the activity.  The overall rule is to dress modestly. Wear casual clothes - jeans and shirts, and shorts are to be modest and loose fitting. We do not allow halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, tight or see-through clothing or any clothing with advertising or messages that are deemed inappropriate. The overall dress code requires that no underwear showing (boxers and bras).  Yoga pants and leggings do not count as pants.  For the evening meal and for service time, we ask that you dress up (no shorts). ABA Camp reserves the right to ask individuals to change their clothes if they are considered to be immodest in any way. This is the responsibility of the camp director or the assistant director.

During recreation time, campers need to wear sneakers unless told otherwise by the program director. Going barefoot is not allowed unless it is required for a game.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: No any electronic devices except razors, hair styling items, and alarm clocks. No cell phones.

FIRE DRILLS AND EXTINGUISHERS: There will be a fire drill this week. When you hear the siren, proceed to the rec field and assemble with your cabin in a straight line. You should not talk until dismissed.

GAMES: Play safely. Only two people are allowed on the teeter totter at a time. Use the swings wisely- not too high or sideways or jumping off.

HEALTH: Absolutely all medicine (except epi-pens and fast acting inhalers) must be turned in to the nurse. Campers must be accompanied by a counselor in order to receive medication or treatment for any injury or complaint. Scheduled times to receive medications are half an hour before the start and half an hour after the completion of each meal.

WORSHIP TIME: Bring your Bible, notebook, and a pen or pencil. Be respectful.
LITTER: If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away—even if it's not yours.

camp storeCAMP STORE: The camp store will be open at appointed times. Items can be purchased using your store card.

BATHROOMS: You are allowed on your side only! It is not a social hangout. After lights out, your counselor needs to go with you to the bathroom.

MEALS: Be on time! Announcements are made at meal time. You must stay in the dining area until dismissed. You have to eat something sustantial at every meal. There are several options, so find something you like. You are not allowed in the kitchen. No food or drink is to be removed from the dining areas during or after a meal.

NIGHT: Light's out means it's time to be quiet. Respect those who need more sleep than you do (your counselors!). At no time after lights out, should you leave your cabin without a counselor.

P.D.A. (PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: No PDA is allowed. (Hands off!)